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WorldOfStuff II

30 November
I'm a laid back guy but I get type 'A' really fast when it comes to a project. Favorite conversation subjects are music (play trumpet, sitar, medieval, various), computers but I can converse on a wider variety of subjects. I like to get out to a restaurant or concert, but also like to stay in and kick back. I mix a tasty drink, and I also like to cook. My chicken soup recipe is genetic. People sometimes take me for boring since I don't look as wild as I used to ... their loss.

The Consultant
When travel I, to client site
To air I take, in winged flight
With luck I'll make connecting gate
Or stuck in airport, there to wait
Ideal it's not, but such is luck
Too often I must exclaim, [expletive deleted ;-)].

Arriving tired I'll find my room
Some franchised hell one should assume
I wash my face and hang my clothes
Turn on the tube, and watch some shows
I hope that I will fall asleep
Else sleepless lay, and thrash and weep

Meetings pass, in quick succession
My client's many needs discussed
Expertise will gain expression
I know at least they'll get the thrust
I'll never leave someone nonplussed
When meeting's done I always check
Before I leave, and homeward trek
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