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A bit of catch up / Heidi's

I haven't been posting much to LJ because, while I've been overall happy, I've been in a bit of a rut. Work. Eat. TV. Repeat. Not so good, that.

On the work front, I've almost finished half of my "Real Estate Information Security Essentials" workshops - 10 city tour - Washington DC, Dallas, Orlando, San Diego, San Jose, Phoenix, Los Angeles., Detroit, St. Paul, and Chicago. It's gone really well but there are more non-techs showing up than anticipated. I've found an agenda structure and balance that works for it, and it's actually been really helpful to get the non-tech perspective. Their questions have inspired some blogs and articles that I plan to get reprinted in local industry newsletters. Those are over on my pro blog - http://www.realtown.com/mattcohen/blog/. Anyway, I've gotten some good kudos which may be useful in trying to extend the education engagement with the National Association of Realtors - more workshops, webinars, articles, etc.

Last night E and I went to Heidi's - http://heidismpls.com/ - in their new space over at 29th and Lyndale. I like it there - being in LynLake, it feels more like *my* neighborhood restaurant now. We got the tasting menu and I got the matching wine flights.

  • The "Bennie" - Eggless Benedict with huitlacoche and truffle
  • Tongue - Pickled beef tongue, roasted shiitake mushroom salad, mustard/soy "noodles"
  • Mussel Soup - Creamy mussel broth, roasted parsnips, tomato stew and fried parsley
  • Seared Duck Breast - Duck breast & coffee pecan pancake, scallion foam, lingonberry sauce
  • Nitro chocolate mousse - with roasted marshmallow, peanut butter bliss and honey

    The only dish that wasn't out of the park good was the "Bennie" - I appreciated that they basically made a poached egg out of non-egg ingredients and used all the fancy molecular gastronomy tools to do it - but in the end it just tasted like a slightly salty poached egg. Imagination and technical expertise appreciated, but for my first course I'd like something really yummy?

    I can only remember a few of the wine pairings but I'll say that all the wines were well selected to accompany the food flavors and it was great to try some expensive wines that I probably would never choose for myself. They actually served me two wines with the duck - one white, and one red. The red really complemented the duck, while the white went amazingly with the pancake beneath it.

    Anyway, it was a fabulous evening and I'm sure we'll go back. E said she liked it more than Vincent's - more fun. It was certainly less expensive and tasty.