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Visited Mill Valley Kitchen with Earl Hipp

Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park, MN: I stopped in for a weekday dinner with my friend Earl. The ambiance was light and cheery, the servers were smiling and attentive, and the food was quite good. I had a warm spinach salad with blue cheese, apple and walnuts - just perfectly constructed and lightly dressed. The salmon I added was grilled to perfection, though it might have been overdone for some tastes, but it was beautifully flavored and moist. A quibble: On the side I ordered risotto, but instead of risotto I got a plate of puffed brown rice. It was delicious, but it had nothing to do with risotto, so it was puzzling. For dessert I had a shotglass full of maple panna cotta. The maple flavor was overwhelmed with smoked sea salt, but I still appreciated the dessert very much. Portions were small, but satisfying and appropriate to the price charged. I appreciated the quality ingredients used and the skill with which dishes were prepared. I have no reservations about going back at some point to try more of the menu.

As usual, discussion with Earl was amazing, ranging from jobs and careers to friends and family and fun things we plan to do together in the future.